Read Write Walk 5K

Looking for a different kind of challenge?

Tired of sedentary writing challenges that glue your butt to a chair instead of challenging your mind and your body?

Well, look no further!

Inspired by the MoonJoggers‘ virtual races, I’ve decided to create my own virtual race challenge.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Read: 5,000 words (approximately 20 pages or 1 chapter) from any book. Fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, YA, children’s or adult books are all welcome. You can even choose a theme for your challenge and read something from the same genre in which you’ll be writing (optional).
  2. Write: 5,000 words. Write a brand new short story, journal entry, blog post, personal essay, poem (or series of poems), play, or add to a current work-in-progress. All writing formats are acceptable.
  3. Walk: 5K (approximately 3.1 miles). Do it indoors on a treadmill, outdoors on your favorite trail, or anywhere else you prefer to walk – or run!

The challenge:

Complete all three parts (Read, Write, Walk) within the same 24 hours.

Can you do it? You’ll never know until you try!

This year’s first Read, Write, Walk Challenge is scheduled for March 9. Join me for this unique virtual challenge and test your mettle. There’s no fee to join, and no one to report to except yourself.

Share your time and progress on social media using the hashtag #readwritewalkchallenge.

Then, join me again in June, September and December for more virtual challenges!