The Portable Laura Roberts

Enjoy this handy volume of Laura Roberts’ fiction – for free!

Laura Roberts was born in 1978 and immediately began writing the story of her life, after staring up at a spinning mobile above her crib for a sufficient period of time and thinking, “I could do better than that.” Though the intervening years have seen her scribbling in notebooks, Harriet the Spy-style, as well as concocting rude gossip rags about her friends and family (hello, “Gossip World!”), she first debuted her special brand of insanity in a university-level screenwriting class, where her final project was a Hal Hartley-inspired fanfic tribute to David Duchovny whose climax saw the protagonist wielding two menacing halves of Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason in a boxing match against Duchovny’s then-wife, Téa Leoni. She received an A from her professor, along with the astute comment, “You got away with a lot.”

She has been getting away with a lot more ever since, including crime fiction, erotica, sex columns, an honors degree in Creative Writing and English Literature, thinly veiled tracts against hipster haven Austin, Texas, and a ninja versus pirates cavalcade.

Laura is the author of Ninjas of the 512, aka the best novel you’ll ever read about pirates, ninjas and evil politicians in Austin, Texas. She is currently publishing a second novel about her time as a sex columnist in the Sin City of the North, entitled Naked Montreal, in serial format, and is pondering a ninja follow-up featuring ninjas versus robots. She curates and edits the cheeky literary magazine, Black Heart, which features indie authors’ poetry and prose on a weekly basis, and lives in an Apocalypse-proof bunker in SoCal with her artist husband and their literary kitty, Nedward Carlos Nedwards. She can usually be found tweeting about some of the most absurd topics imaginable @buttontapper.

The Portable Laura Roberts is Laura’s most egotistical anthology to date, but she hopes her friends and fans will be amused by this diversion while they await the completion of her next novel.

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