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Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned From Pop Songs

Ever listened to a love song and felt like it was written just for you?

Have you ever helped yourself get through a tough breakup by listening to your favorite song?

Maybe you and your current flame have one song that feels like it simply belongs to you as a couple?

If you’ve ever been in love, experienced an unrequited crush, or simply longed for a relationship spun from a pop song, this is the book for you.

Pondering songs from bands as diverse as The Barenaked Ladies to The Commodores, PJ Harvey to the Spice Girls, OutKast to Bonnie Raitt, there’s a pop song for everyone.

No More F*ing Weirdos!

Online Dating for People Who Are Sick of Drama, Delusions, and Douchebags

I’m not a dating coach, nor do I play one on TV.

I’m not a Pickup Artist, nor am I some kind of man-hater.

I’m not the typical person giving others online dating advice. But I am a veteran online dater, and even managed to meet my husband of almost a decade online, despite the odds. I dug through hundreds of online profiles and went on many bad dates before I finally found him, but the good news is that I eventually did!

And you, too, can meet someone awesome online. I promise.

>>Learn how to:

  • Pick the right dating site
  • Primp your profile
  • Successfully communicate with your target guys or gals
  • Move things from the Internet to Real Life
  • Find The One and live Happily Ever After! (Your Mileage May Vary)

With personal anecdotes and practical advice from a veteran online dater to help you deal with the drama, the delusional, and the downright douchey, this book is dedicated to helping you FINALLY find a great relationship online.

So what are you waiting for? Quit scrolling endlessly in search of Mr. or Ms. Right, and let’s get started!

Play With Me

Afraid to set foot inside a dirty sex shop? Don’t want anything incriminating popping up in your browser history?

No worries! Now you can learn all about sex toys — from the mild to the wild — all within the confines of this educational ebook for adults.

This book will change your mind about sex toys once and for all!

Instead of keeping them off-limits inside a box, you can explore all kinds of toys up close and personal. Learn what each toy does and how it works, from anal beads to the Stronic Zwei.

Spice up your love life with fun toys

Learn which are the best for couples vs. solo play. This book has all the information you’ve ever wanted to know – but were afraid to ask your local sex toy retailer.

The Vixen Files

Love, lust, sex, relationships, kinky, queer, questioning, BDSM, swingers, threesomes and plenty more fetish and fantasy topics can be found between the sheets of The Vixen Files: Naughty Notes from a Montreal Sex Columnist.

Featuring writing on subjects ranging from love and romance to sexual escapades and dysfunctions, L’Amour covers all the bases of the typical sex column with her own “V for Vixen” twist.

Scrapping the usual Q&A style, inside you’ll find:

  • Interviews with local sex workers, burlesque performers and assorted Montreal personalities and perverts;
  • Reviews of a variety of sex toys and books; and
  • Comments on the permissive sexual culture of the city sometimes dubbed “the Sin City of the North.”

Fans of Dan Savage, Violet Blue and Tristan Taormino will find plenty to explore in this collection of naughty notes from America’s neighbor to the north.