Haiku for Lovers

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An anthology of love and lust!

Love, lust and desire take the form of cheeky, romantic and sexy haiku in this anthology from Buttontapper Press.

Featuring the work of haiku masters, poetry aficionados and a handful of newcomers to the scene, Haiku For Lovers will sweep you off your feet, plant one on your lips and fly you to the moon.

Share a few short, sweet and sassy poems with your lover this Valentine’s Day – or any day!

Featuring the poetry of Sam Alex, Katya Amchentseva, Elizabeth Ashe, Angela Barry, Susie Berg, Bridget Brewer, Cathy Bryant, SuzAnne Cole, Linda Crate, Shannon Curtin, Miguel Eichelberger, Tristen Fournier, Joy France, Lola Howard, A.J. Huffman, A.J. Johnson, Fiona Johnson, Clyde Liffey, Domenica Martinello, Sue Mayfield Geiger, Janet McCann, Jessica McHugh, Kimberly Morgan, H.L. Nelson, Vuong Pham, Winston Plowes, Kenneth Pobo, M. Douglas Poole, Winslow Porter, Chantelle Rideout, April Salzano, Richard Scarsbrook, Quill Shiv, Craig Steele, James J. Stevenson, Jessica Van de Kemp, Don Webb, Curtis Woodcock and Dave Wright.

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Haiku for Haters

Click to Buy NowThink you hate haiku?

Think again!

Perfect for those who hate to read wordy poetry, Haiku For Haters contains only 24 painless pages of 5-7-5s.

If you think you hate haiku, let this brief collection of modern haiku change your mind, with subjects as diverse as pop-star Prince to Chairman Mao and rowdy (even literary) revolution.

No boring nature poetry here, kids – this ain’t your mama’s haiku collection!

This is the first in the “Haiku for You” series, so be sure to collect them all – starting with Haiku for Haters!

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Sexy Haiku: 69 Erotic Poems for Lovers

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In the mood for love?

Spice up your boudoir with these sexy haiku!

Kick your love life up a notch with 69 Sexy Haiku, written to entice, seduce and delight lovers at play.

From sensual poetry that will massage your senses to truly explicit mini-fantasies, these 69 poems explore love, lust and intimate relations with a personal twist. Read them to your lover to get them hot and bothered before bed, or to inspire them with new ideas!

For readers 18+ and open minded only.

Ready to play?

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