Sacramento Love

Craving a good love story? Fall in love in Sacramento!

A short series of love notes to the city of Sacramento, Sacramento Love features 26 fictional meet-cute romances—each sparked somewhere within California’s state capital. Follow along as our cast of local characters meet one another in diners, dive bars, coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and at some of Sacramento’s most beloved landmarks from the American River Parkway to the mysterious Ziggurat.

A fictional companion to author Laura Roberts’ forthcoming travel guidebook, Sacramento From A to Z, each of the Sacramento Love stories embrace the spirit of the city while travel and other activities in the real world are on hold. Lift your spirits with the joy of meeting someone new, a little romance, and a lot of Sacramento Love!

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Wife for a Weekend

Sparks fly when two of the biggest stars in Hollywood get hitched on the set of their newest movie. There’s just one problem: They’re both in love with someone else!

Stranded over a long weekend on the world’s most romantic island, this scenario should spell honeymoon bliss for any normal couple. But Trevor Tate and Lisa Langdon are definitely not your average newlyweds, and they’re ready to call it quits before the dust has settled on their “I Do”s.

Will they stick together long enough to see Happily Ever After, or is an unromantic annulment their only chance for true happiness?

*Wife for a Weekend is Laura’s NaNoWriMo Novel for 2018*

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The Case of the Cunning Linguist

When Mark O’Malley, Notre Dame’s favorite father, is found murdered in the rectory, Carmelite wannabe Sister Mary Gloria turns to famed stripper-turned-sleuth Venus Delmar for help.

Following a wild trail across Paris, Venus discovers that the root of all evil isn’t a love of money – it’s the Catholic church!

With the help of a randy rabbi, a few wayward nuns, and maybe even a little divine intervention, she’s determined to solve the Case of the Cunning Linguist before the mysterious Latin lover kills again.

This title is the first in the new Venus Delmar Mysteries series.

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Mayday: Flash Fiction for Adrenaline Junkies

Click to pre-order nowA series of linked flash fiction, Mayday runs on pure adrenaline.

It all starts when Private Felstein receives a mysterious postcard, summoning him to an exotic destination. But who has sent for him, and why?

As each story unfolds, new characters are introduced, and new twists in the plot begin to emerge. Is Felstein on a mission to save the world, or to destroy it? Can his new coworkers be trusted? And who’s that shadowy figure he keeps seeing out of the corner of his eye?

A jigsaw puzzle that comes together piece by piece, fans of Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs will enjoy this fast-paced action thriller, where everything is to be questioned and nothing is what it seems.

Can’t wait for the release? Read the first 18 chapters on Wattpad for free!

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Ninjas of the 512

Ninjas of the 512Suzie Jimenez is a rabble-rousing Texas history teacher who’s always taught her students to fight oppression. Teaching an alternative curriculum that celebrates nonviolent protest, methods of peaceful rebellion and the state’s homegrown freedom fighters, Suzie encourages her students to question everything, including unjust state laws. But all of that is about to come to an end, thanks to Governor Nick Harry.

A week before classes resume for the fall, Suzie and the rest of the teachers at Rebel Yell High School are laid off by the Governor’s new budget cuts. Harry declares war on the teachers, cutting their jobs and confiscating their paychecks for his Rainy Day Fund. But Suzie won’t back down from this fight.

Instead of getting mad, she goes rogue.

Joining a rebel band of ninjas Suzie starts a revolution in the state capital of Austin, but quickly discovers she’s in over her head. Not only does Governor Harry have a secret weapon, but he’s also employed a ship full of pirates to protect him as he launches a campaign for the Presidency! Suzie and the ninjas have to act fast to stop another arrogant Texan from taking the White House, but in the ultimate battle of good versus evil, it’s every ninja for himself.

Can one woman beat the system, or will Suzie’s ideals betray her?

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