Laure L’Amour Erotica

Who is Laure L’Amour?

Laure L’Amour writes salacious stories from her boudoir in Paris. Some of her favorite fantasies take place in Montreal—sometimes known as the “Paris of North America”—but she loves to travel anywhere the people are beautiful and taboos are shunned. Enjoy one of her kiss-and-tell-all books below!

Montreal Mischief

Ready for a little mischief? Come up to Montreal and let’s play!

Naked Montreal Series

Just A Quickie!

What’s really going on in the Underground City after dark?

Got time for a Quickie? How about nine?

Santa, Baby

Putting the XXX in XXXmas.

Foreign Affairs (Coming Soon)

Parisian Persuasion: Cafés, croissants, couples walking arm in arm on the Champs-Élysées… what could be more romantic?

Kyoto Kink: When two strangers meet on a crazy Kyoto dating show, will they find themselves lucky in love or pawns in a Yakuza scheme?

Naughty New York: It’s time to play, frolicking from one fetish to the next, exploring the dark sides of this gritty city from top to bottom. Grab your gear, and let’s go!