69 Ways Ninjas Can Kill You

Ninjas can kill people in a remarkable number of ways, some of which involve weaponry, and others of which involve hand to hand combat. This is just a brief list of some of the many ways in which you might die at the hands of these mysterious warriors.

  1. Decapitation by shinobigatana
  2. Decapitation by kusarigama
  3. Decapitation and explosion by bakuhatsugama
  4. Decapitation by jutte
  5. Decapitation by kama (scythe)
  6. Decapitation by naginata
  7. Decapitation by ninjato
  8. Decapitation by oh-gama
  9. Decapitation by Ronin knife
  10. Decapitation by wakizashi
  11. Decapitation by X-claw triple blade dagger
  12. Decapitation by yari
  13. Blood loss due to being kicked with ashiko
  14. Choked by bakuhatsugama
  15. Explosive damage from bakuhatsugama
  16. Flailed and strangled with chigiriki
  17. Blown up by bombs
  18. Blown up by grenades
  19. Poisoned by poison gas bombs
  20. Blinded by flashbombs, then decapitated
  21. Blown up by explosives packed with shrapnel
  22. Blown up by land mines
  23. Burned to death by incendiaries
  24. Poisoned by fukiya (blow gun)
  25. Grappling hook to the head
  26. Sneak hitsuke (fire) attack, following by decapitation
  27. Butted with jukendo rifle, then run through with bayonet
  28. Run through with jutte (ten-hand weapon)
  29. Poisoned by kakute (iron rings with spikes)
  30. Strangled with kusari-fundo (hand-held weighted chain)
  31. Smothered between the thighs of a kunoichi (female ninja)
  32. Blinded by metsubushi (sight remover), then decapitated
  33. Beaten to death with nunchaku
  34. Smothered slowly in quicksand
  35. Blood loss or poisoned by shuriken (throwing star) attack
  36. Beaten to death in taijutsu (unarmed combat)
  37. Wrestled down and beaten to death in jujutsu combat
  38. Thrown against something sharp or solid enough to crush one’s spine in aikido combat
  39. Grappled to submission and then thrown against something sharp or solid enough to crush one’s spine in judo combat
  40. Betrayal and destruction at Ninja University
  41. Speared through the heart by yumi and ya (bow and arrow)
  42. Bitten by zombie ninja (technically this results in undeath, after a brief period of death)
  43. Thrown off roof
  44. Thrown down well
  45. Thrown into threshing machine
  46. Thrown off precipice
  47. Thrown onto spikes
  48. Thrown out window of tall building
  49. Thrown off of airplane without parachute
  50. Thrown into pit of venomous vipers
  51. Thrown off dam onto rocks below
  52. Thrown into lion’s den
  53. Thrown into volcano
  54. Thrown into acid bath
  55. Thrown into fiery furnace
  56. Stabbed with arrowhead
  57. Stabbed with daggers
  58. Stabbed with shards of glass
  59. Stabbed with wakizashi
  60. Stabbed with yari (spear)
  61. Stabbed with combat X-claws
  62. Stabbed with oh-gama
  63. Stabbed with kusarigama
  64. Stabbed with bakuhatsugama
  65. Stabbed with katana
  66. Stabbed with kakute
  67. Stabbed with kama
  68. Destroyed in mortal combat (or Mortal Kombat)
  69. Seppuku (ritual disembowelment, self-inflicted)

*For still more ways in which you may meet your fate of Death By Ninja, be sure to check out my novella Ninjas of the 512.