Happy June!

Happy June! It’s already insanely hot here in Sacramento (we got up to 104F yesterday), but I wanted to announce a new challenge I’m starting today: this month I’m walking 110 miles as a fundraiser for the American Heart Association.

I’ve already broken my original fundraising goal of $110 (that’s a dollar a mile!), so I’ve decided to move on to my stretch goal of raising $200 for the cause. And, since I managed to walk 201.20 total miles in May, I’ve also decided to raise my walking goal to 200 miles this month, to keep up with the dollar a mile theme!

That’s 6.67 miles per day, which I’ll round up to 7 just to be safe.

If you’d like to help sponsor the remaining $90 left towards my fundraising goal, I’d love to give you a fun incentive. I’m offering everyone who donates at least $5 to the cause a handwritten thank-you note with an acrostic poem singing your praises!

What’s an acrostic poem? It’s a poem that uses every letter in a word (or, in this case, a name) to form the poem. So, here’s an example, using my own name:

Lover of cats
Ultra typewriter nerd
Athlete in training

If you can afford to give even $5 this month, I’d love to write you a personalized poem based on YOUR name.

UPDATE (6/29): If you can afford to give $20 or more, I will do one better: I’ll *also* write you an original blackout poem, using any public domain text of your choice!

For those that do not wish to donate via Facebook: I hear you! I don’t like donating via this platform either, and if I’d had my choice I would not be using it at all (the American Heart Association chose to use this platform for this particular challenge). So, here are my next-best options: If you’d like to send me money that I can donate on your behalf, in any currency and any amount, please use THIS LINK to send money directly to me via Paypal (it should come up as LRCreativeServices). Alternately, if you would like to donate to the American Heart Association directly, please use THIS LINK. I will create specialty poems for anyone who decides to donate in either of these ways as well. (Just reach out in the comments section or via my contact page to let me know about your donation.)

Thanks for joining me on my journey to 200 miles, and good luck to all of my fellow heart-health participants!

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