Catalina from A to Z: Tempting Two Harbors

Hello, and welcome to the Blogging A to Z Challenge! This year my theme is Catalina from A to Z, featuring posts about the Southern California island of Catalina. With a focus on the island’s romantic side, I’ll be sharing info about where to go, what to see and do, plus a few sneak peeks from my novel in progress, Wife For A Weekend, which is set on the island!

Two Harbors is a small town located on the opposite side of Catalina Island from Avalon. Known more for camping, glamping and hiking into the interior of the island, Two Harbors is definitely the more rustic side of the island. There are four campgrounds, for those who like to rough it, and those who like it a little bit more civilized can opt for renting either a camping cabin or the Craftsman-style Banning House Lodge.

One of the unique points about Two Harbors is that visitors can, indeed, see two different harbors from the inlet where the town is situated: Isthmus Cove and Catalina Harbor (here’s a link to a map to situate you).

The Wife for a Weekend connection

Although most of the action takes place in Avalon, Diego and Vivian have some brushes with the wild side over in Two Harbors, attempting to explore the Isthmus Movie Colony. This side of the island is where you can find wild buffalo, and let’s just say things get a little hairy!

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