Catalina from A to Z: Pretty Pleasure Pier

Hello, and welcome to the Blogging A to Z Challenge! This year my theme is Catalina from A to Z, featuring posts about the Southern California island of Catalina. With a focus on the island’s romantic side, I’ll be sharing info about where to go, what to see and do, plus a few sneak peeks from my novel in progress, Wife For A Weekend, which is set on the island!

Catalina Island’s bright green Pleasure Pier is one of the first things you’ll see when approaching the island. Along with the Casino, the pier is one of the notable structures in Avalon. In fact, it’s been painted this striking shade of emerald since 1919, when designers Dorothy and Otis Shepard were put in charge of the island’s image.

As with any beach town, the pier is one of Avalon’s main activity hubs. The 407-foot-long pier is home to a variety of pleasures, including:

  • A visitor information center
  • Boat rentals & tours (including parasailing and scuba diving)
  • Fishing gear
  • Food & drink
  • Souvenirs

Whether you’re visiting for the day or a longer stay, a trip to the Pleasure Pier is just one of Catalina Island’s many ways to pass the time.

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