Catalina from A to Z: Luscious Lover’s Cove

Hello, and welcome to the Blogging A to Z Challenge! This year my theme is Catalina from A to Z, featuring posts about the Southern California island of Catalina. With a focus on the island’s romantic side, I’ll be sharing info about where to go, what to see and do, plus a few sneak peeks from my novel in progress, Wife For A Weekend, which is set on the island!

Lovers Cove is one of the most romantically named spots on Catalina Island… but how does it really stack up if you’re in the mood for love?

Located on Pebbly Beach Road, the cove doesn’t have much of a beach to speak of, so you certainly won’t be smooching on the sand. However, it’s a popular spot for snorkeling since it’s just a short hike from Avalon, so lovers interested in an aquatic excursion should be in seventh heaven.

If you do aim to visit Lovers Cove with your sweetheart, be sure to bring your own gear (snorkeling equipment, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, etc.) or rent it in town before you head out. One of the best places to snap a photo or steal a kiss might just be here, on the steps leading down to the cove itself, where various warning signs about the lack of lifeguards and avoidance of glass-bottom boats are posted:

Photo via TripAdvisor

“This is not a petting zoo” is my favorite admonishment on the sign, especially in regards to the couple featured above. ;D

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