Catalina from A to Z: Keen kissing locales

Hello, and welcome to the Blogging A to Z Challenge! This year my theme is Catalina from A to Z, featuring posts about the Southern California island of Catalina. With a focus on the island’s romantic side, I’ll be sharing info about where to go, what to see and do, plus a few sneak peeks from my novel in progress, Wife For A Weekend, which is set on the island!

Whether you’re visiting Catalina in order to spark romance or even pop the ultimate question, there are plenty of places that are sure to inspire a kiss! Here are three of the best places to get caught canoodling or sneak a smooch:

  1. Casino promenade: Running along the outside of the Casino’s circular ballroom, the promenade is a great place to get some fresh air, look up at the stars, and steal a kiss.
  2. Buena Vista Point: As both The Traveling Souk and Homegrown Adventures can attest, Buena Vista Point has one of the best views of the city of Avalon, as well as the bay and Casino. After a bit of an uphill trek, what’s better than a bit of snuggling in the shade?
  3. Pick a beach, any beach: Any of Catalina’s 50 miles of beaches would make a great place for a little fun in the sun, but if you’re looking for a secluded option for your chance to get cozy, try the extra remote Parsons Landing – a 7-mile hike from Two Harbors, on the north side of the island’s west end. (HOT TIP: Be sure to BYOB, as there’s no running or potable water where you’re going!)

The Wife for a Weekend connection

In my romance novel, Wife for a Weekend, Diego Raphael and Vivian Violette are co-starring in a film that’s being shot on Catalina Island. Most of the cast and crew assume the two stars will fall head over heels while they’re on set together, based on Catalina’s reputation as the “Island of Romance,” but little do they know that director Adam Haber has a doozy of a prank up his sleeve. After the two kiss and say “I do” in a wedding scene for the film, the practical joker announces they’ve just been married for real.


When real life isn’t quite like a Hollywood romance, will the two actors find a way to make it work? Find out just how Diego and Vivian deal with being thrown together for a long weekend by pre-ordering a copy of the book!

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