Catalina from A to Z: Jovial Jeep tours

Hello, and welcome to the Blogging A to Z Challenge! This year my theme is Catalina from A to Z, featuring posts about the Southern California island of Catalina. With a focus on the island’s romantic side, I’ll be sharing info about where to go, what to see and do, plus a few sneak peeks from my novel in progress, Wife For A Weekend, which is set on the island!

What’s more romantic than a Jeep ride into the wild heart of Catalina Island?

Okay, I guess that depends on your position when it comes to rugged, outdoorsy things like camping, hiking, and looking for island buffalo.

But if you find the idea of hiking in the semi-wilderness more appealing than lounging by the beach, an island Eco Tour in either a Jeep or an Eco Hummer is the Catalina getaway for you!

As the Catalina Island Conservancy puts it: “With access to over 165 miles of paved and unpaved roads, our naturalist-led Conservancy Eco Tours allow you to explore parts of Catalina Island no other outfitter can reach. Whether you are hoping to learn more about the Island’s rich history, see some of our unique plants, wildlife and bison, or simply explore parts of Catalina that most people never see, your adventure starts here!”

So, what do you think? Will you venture forth for a bit of exploration on the island’s west end, or stay in Avalon enjoying the more luxurious side of the east side?

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