A to Z 2021 Theme: Revealed!

Are you ready for the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge? After a crazy year in which most of my other projects and plans went kablooey, I’m back and ready to take on this year’s challenge – which will be my 10th year participating! Let’s celebrate together with my Theme Reveal for 2021.

First of all, I’m super grateful to the A to Z Challenge folks who kept things going during the chaos of 2020. The Challenge was one of the only things that kept me going during the pandemic lockdown and the stay-at-home orders throughout the year. It gave me drive and purpose each day, as I wondered what on earth would become of us all, and it helped me create the book of short stories that I ultimately released as Sacramento Love at the end of last year.

That deserves a big, socially-distanced, digital smooch!

So, what am I writing about this year?

I’ll give you a hint: It has something to do with love… and romance… and books…

It’s Romance from A to Z !

Wait, how have I not written about this already?! I’ve written about Sacramento Love, Online Dating, Sex Toys, Sexy San Diego hotspots… but not Romance. So let’s do this!

The plan

I’ll be writing about one recently released (most within the past two years) Contemporary Romance per day as part of my “Romance from A to Z” theme. Since I’ve been reading a lot more romance novels lately, and contemporary stories with a wider variety of characters and couples are definitely my favorite, I thought I’d share some of my reading list with you. The books featured here will include characters from diverse backgrounds with ethnic and cultural differences, Black and interracial love stories, LGBTQ+ couples falling in love, and even a few YA (Young Adult) tales. I’m open to reading about all kinds of characters from all walks of life, who all deserve love, and I hope you are, too.

Most of the Contemporary Romance titles I’ve chosen are also stories with medium to high heat (and at least one that’s firmly in the Erotica category, where sex is the central focus), so I’ve placed the Adult Content warning on my blog as I will likely discuss sex scenes, to some degree, here. I’ll also place a content note for any sexual content discussed at the top of each individual post that includes them, and try to include a heat level ranking based on the publisher’s notes (if any), so you can decide whether you’d like to read through or skip ahead.

I have tried to carefully curate my A to Z list so that I will NOT be reading books with darker sexual content, featuring themes like bondage or bullies, so you can rest assured that despite the sometimes smoldering sex scenes, I should not require trigger warnings for offensive or upsetting material (although if I note any while reading, I will be sure to include those up top as well).

Thanks for joining me on my A to Z journey once more! I’ll see you on April 1st with the first installment in Romance from A to Z. Until then, feel free to join my mailing list so you don’t miss any of my posts about love, romance and Contemporary Romance reviews.