100 Days of Typewriter Love

As announced on my Instagram: starting today I’ll be participating in the 100 Day Project to make art on a daily basis.

The basic idea is: pick a project that you’ll do once a day for 100 days. It can be anything, but ideally should be something you can do in 5 to 10 minutes, the results of which you can post on Instagram.

I needed to shake things up a bit, so I thought I would stick with an art form I enjoy (letters of any kind: open letters, letters to friends and family, persuasive letters to leaders, letters to myself, letters to fictional characters, etc.) on a different piece of machinery than I usually engage: the typewriter.

I’ve currently got two typewriters in my collection. One is a brownish-gray Royal Quiet DeLuxe:

The other is a seafoam green Hermes 3000:

Both have unique quirks that make writing on them a bit more challenging than typing away on a computer keyboard, so I think this will also add to the overall vibe. (I’ve also downloaded an ebook about how to DIY some common repairs on manual typewriters, so I may eventually attempt to unquirk their quirks on my own!)

I’ll be posting pictures of each day’s letter over on Instagram from today through May 10th (the last day of the challenge), so if you’re into typewriters, letters, or just want to see how I mix it up with just two typewriters and a piece of paper over the next 100 days, please follow me @LauraRobertsRomance.

I’m currently pondering whether I should send or save the letters… and if I send them to folks, by what means should I choose to whom each letter will be sent? Random lottery? First commenter? Best comment? Your thoughts, please!