From Pencil Pusher to Pen Pal: Week 2 word count check-in

Happy Monday! We’ve completed week 2 and are entering week 3 of 2021, so it’s time for a quick goal check-in.

#OneMillionWords: Weekly word counts

Here’s a breakdown of how many words I wrote this week towards my #OneMillionWords goal:

  • Saturday 1/9: 1,099 words
  • Sunday 1/10: 405 words
  • Monday 1/11: 558 words
  • Tuesday 1/12: 970 words written + 3,359 edited
  • Wednesday 1/13: 474 words written + 2,252 edited
  • Thursday 1/14: 800 words
  • Friday 1/15: 801 words
  • Saturday 1/16: 633 words

That’s a grand total of 11,351 words this week, or 25,966 total this year!

Plans for next week

Since today is a holiday, I’m planning to do my Race Through California 5K walk today, and keep on editing my manuscript in progress. I may also hit up IKEA to pick up something that will help me organize the piles of books that are taking up real estate on my desk. I’ve been in “procrasti-cleaning” mode all weekend, so I will probably spent a little more time this week tidying up the place and trying to push more clutter out the door.


As mentioned in last week’s post, since I’m motivated by shiny objects and merit badges, I’ve decided to start handing out badges to myself at every 10K mark towards my first 100,000 words, so this week I have earned the second of those for hitting the 20K mark: the Pen Pal Badge of Achievement!

If you’re also motivated by badges and have written at least 20,000 words, please feel free to swipe this and award yourself the 20K badge as well.

How was your week?

Thanks for coming along with me on this goals check-in, as I find accountability to be a helpful tool. Even if that’s just posting my word counts on my own website, it keeps me motivated to press onward. If this helps you, too, please consider sharing your goals and achievements in the comments below!