Let’s play Santa!

I love giving gifts! So when I heard about the Romancelandia Holiday Fairies Gift Drive, I knew I wanted to help out.

The gift drive is a way to connect people in the romance community who need help with gifts this year with other community members who can buy a gift or two and make their holidays a little more special.

I’m proud to be a sponsor for the following wishlist:

Wishlist #61

This recipient shared: “Romance novels, and books in general, give me an opportunity to escape. My favorite is the Academy of Misfits series by Bea Paige.”

You can view their Amazon wishlist and make a purchase that will be sent directly to them. Just add items to your cart and you’ll have the option to send to the recipient without revealing their address.

View: Wishlist #61

If we all do a little, it adds up to a lot. Thanks for supporting this gift drive if you’re able to!

You can learn more about this effort and view ALL the available wishlists here. Sharing is appreciated!

Thanks for supporting the romance community, and for helping to make Christmas a little more festive for families in need.