5 Things I Love About Sacramento

In anticipation of my new release, Sacramento Love, today I’m bringing you five of the things I love most about Sacramento. Are you ready? Then let’s dive in!

#5: The American River Parkway

With 32 miles of paved pathway that runs along the American River, the Parkway is designed to host walkers and joggers, bicyclists and even horseback riders in harmony. You can also access many of Sacramento’s public parks from the parkway, making it an ideal way to see the city when you want to break free from your car.

#4: Rick’s Dessert Diner

If you love dessert (and who doesn’t?) then you’ve got to try Rick’s Dessert Diner. Pies, cakes, ice cream sundaes, milkshakes and more, all in a fab pink and red retro diner! Come for the dessert, stay for the nostalgia. Find Rick’s at 2401 J Street in downtown Sacramento or @ricksdessertdiner on Instagram!

#3: Tower Bridge

Some cities have recognizable skylines full of famous buildings. Sacramento has the unmistakable golden-hued Tower Bridge. It may not be the world’s biggest, but it’s colorful and unique, and it connects downtown Sacramento with West Sacramento.

BONUS: You can also spot the Ziggurat (that pyramid-shaped building, lit up in orange) behind the bridge in this photo.

#2: Evangeline’s Costume Mansion

Definitely the best shop in Old Town, Evangeline’s is a year-round costume depot for all of your dress-up needs. The first floor of the mansion features a novelty shop full of gag gifts and jokester fun, while the second and third floors are complete costume wonderland. Whether you’re looking for Halloween items before they hit the “normie” stores, or just love to embrace your imagination, you’ve got to check out Evangeline’s funhouse. You can find them at 113 K Street in Old Sacramento or @evangelinescostumemansion on Instagram!

#1: State Capitol Building & Museum

Like most state capitals, Sacramento features a legislative Capitol Building where state governmental activities are conducted – and many protests either kick off or end up. Whether you love or hate politics, it’s all kind of unavoidable here, so be sure to visit the Capitol and its museum to learn more about our state’s history, where all our representatives work, and how you can get involved.

BONUS: The Capitol grounds are also well worth a visit, with various gardens including the World Peace Rose Garden.

The Capitol is located at 1315 10th Street in downtown Sacramento. You can’t miss it!

Want more Sacramento Love?

A short series of love notes to the city of Sacramento, Sacramento Love features 26 fictional meet-cute romances—each sparked somewhere within California’s state capital. Follow along as our cast of local characters meet one another in diners, dive bars, coffee shops, restaurants, parks, and at some of Sacramento’s most beloved landmarks from the American River Parkway to the mysterious Ziggurat. Lift your spirits with the joy of meeting someone new, a little romance, and a lot of Sacramento Love!