More summer romance: Box set binge time with Christina C. Jones

Hello, and welcome to Week 6 of my ongoing 12 Weeks of Summer Romance Giveaway series! This week I’m giving away not one, not two, but THREE contemporary Black romances in ONE BOX SET: 81ST & CLARKE by Christina C. Jones.

Here’s the lowdown on each book in the set…

Collision Course (Book 1)

Samara Holloway is back in Blackwood, after years away chasing showgirl dreams in Vegas. She’s on a new path now – different city, different career… but there’s nothing different about Addison Clarke.

Or so she’d love to think.

Enough time has passed that Addison is certain he’s ready to be exactly the man Samara needs.

If only she shared his certainty.

Controlled Chaos (Book 2)

Andre Clarke is painfully accustomed to being in control.

He’s the problem solver, the “responsible” brother, the one who keeps everything around him in order.

Until Drew Dawson steps in to turn him upside down.

Andre may be used to doling out commands, but Drew isn’t one to take them.

Two very different people, with a shared goal… if only they can play their roles.

Close Contact (Book 3)

Kima Nolan has had enough of the Clarkes.

If they weren’t the only thing keeping her business alive, she wouldn’t deal with them at all.

Addison isn’t too bad.

Andre’s bite isn’t as severe as his bark.

But Aiden is so impossibly unruffled, so sure of his convictions… for Kima, its probably best to avoid him at all costs.

There’s no telling what might happen if he gets too close.

About the Bookstore?

This week I must unfortunately forego shopping at a Black-owned bookstore because this box set is only available at Amazon! (Don’t worry: I’ll buy myself a book from a Black bookstore this week to balance out the universe. Suggestions for books and/or bookstores are always welcome!)

The Giveaway

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Thanks for reading, and good luck!