#HumpDay Reviews: Meet Cute Club by Jack Harbon

A fun, fresh take on small-town romance and bookstore love, Meet Cute Club is the perfect quarantine read. While you’re stuck inside, dreaming of the day you can safely browse a bookstore’s shelves once more, this book offers bookstore drama, Romancelandia nods, and one very cute couple at the heart of it all.

And let’s not forget about the grandmothers!

Both Jordan and Rex each have grandmothers who heavily influenced their love of reading, as well as their individual outlooks on life, picking up where distant parents left off. Their love for their grandmothers helps bring them together, even after a first meeting that’s more cat fight than love cats, and both grandmothers clearly have their own distinct style that is reflected in the relationships they have with their grandsons. Although Rex’s grandmother has recently passed, and he’s sifting through her belongings in the house she’s left behind, it’s obvious that her spirit is still with him as he wonders whether there’s anything left for him in the town of Sweet Rose.

Jordan, the founder and leader of the titular Meet Cute Club, sounds like the kind of guy I’d love to be friends with – and the kind of friend who would strong-arm you into joining his book club, whether you love romance or not! He even provides free copies of the books to entice his friends to stick with it, and provides some truly delightful snacks at each meeting. Honestly, what’s not to love?

When Rex, a new member of the Millerstone bookstore team, starts to pick on Jordan’s love of romance, we can all predict exactly where this is headed: it’s the perfect enemies-to-lovers meet-cute! Luckily his troll-like behavior gives way to more lovable characteristics, like his pledge to help Jordan keep the book club up and running. At first it doesn’t seem like he’ll deliver on his promise to recruit new members, but as with any good romance (spoiler alert!), this story has a very happy ending.

I can’t say much more without ruining the surprise, so let me just leave you with this: If you love books, bookstores, meet-cutes, small-town romance, enemies-to-lovers, grandma’s boys, motorcycles, hot M/M sex scenes, or what promises to be the start of an infinitely delightful small-town series of romances, then grab a copy of Meet Cute Club now!