Perfect Percolation

Hello and welcome to the 2020 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge! I’m writing one new meet-cute per day as part of my “Sacramento Love” theme. Read along as couples find themselves falling for folks in lucky locations across California’s capital city. In this time of social distancing, there’s no need to fear a little fictional fun, so get your romance fix here and enjoy!

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* * *

Pandora had been up since five o’clock, doing sun salutations and embracing the crow of the rooster that lived next door, who seemed to be watching her from his perch atop her neighbor’s shed. She had gone through her entire catalogue of yoga poses, and felt good and limber, but her mind still felt a little foggy.

“Time for a coffee,” her brain pinged.

“Good idea, brain,” she agreed, tossing on a light sweater and grabbing her wallet.

Pachamama Coffee was just up the street, and Pandora was a regular. On Saturdays it was always Miguel at the counter and Justine cranking out drinks. Pandora liked feeling like she had her very own “Cheers” – a place where everybody knew her name, as well as the way she liked her coffee. She smiled to herself, just thinking about it.

As she neared the entrance to the café, a man in a suit came speed-walking up in front of her as she reached for the door, cutting her off. He didn’t bother to hold the door for her, as he continued at his rapid clip towards the counter, and began barking orders at Miguel and Justine.

Taken slightly aback, Pandora stepped softly into the shop and slowly sidled closer to the man in the suit, whose face was turning red as he continued to yell at the startled employees.

“Excuse me,” she said, interrupting him mid-invective, “But have you noticed you’re yelling at these folks? There’s no need to raise your voice in here. Would you mind taking it down a notch?”

“And just who do you think you are?” he hissed, turning on her.

“I’m Pandora,” she said, sticking out her hand in greeting. “And you are?”

“Late for a fucking meeting!” he shouted, nearly slapping her hand away.

“On a Saturday?” she inquired.

“I don’t have time to— what was that?”

Suddenly registering the day of the week, he fumbled with his watch, confirming Pandora’s correctness, then looking back and forth between her, Miguel, and Justine.

“Oh!” he sputtered. “I… I’m so sorry. I thought it was Monday. I shouldn’t have yelled at you, anyway, but… yes, no, there’s no excuse for it. I’m sorry.”

He set his briefcase down on the floor of the café, stepped back from the counter, and slumped his shoulders in shame.

“No worries,” Pandora said, smiling and patting him on the arm. “Can I buy you a coffee?”

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