Diners, Drive-Ins and Dares

Hello and welcome to the 2020 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge! I’ll be writing one new meet-cute per day as part of my “Sacramento Love” theme. Read along as couples find themselves falling for folks in lucky locations across California’s capital city. In this time of social distancing, there’s no need to fear a little fictional fun, so get your romance fix here and enjoy!

* * *

The café is bustling, with the chef singing as he works in the kitchen and carries food to each of the small tables. “Aux Champs-Elysées!” he trills “Lalala, nanana, lalala, nanana…”

Marie hesitates before entering the restaurant, worried that he’ll make a spectacle as she passes the threshold. She’s seen him on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and remembers the way he outshone even Guy Fieri’s human lava lamp personality.

She smooths her hair, straightens her blouse’s lapels, and pushes open the front door.

“Oh là là!” he crows. “Mademoiselle Secrétaire! Please, allow me.”

He pulls out a chair and she takes her seat as the rest of the dining room turns to stare. They each look puzzled but amused as he buzzes around her, straightening the tablecloth, pouring a glass of wine, and murmuring little compliments en français.

“May I recommend the Chef’s Special?” he asks, in a tone that suggests he is not really asking permission.

“Oui, merci.”

She blushes. He heads back to the tiny kitchen, humming La Vie En Rose.

She sips her wine as the diners return to their lunch. She can see two women smiling and winking at her, and she feels her skin flush hotter. She gulps the rest of the glass, hoping to cool herself – or at least douse the flames of her inhibitions.

“I dare you,” he’d texted.

She’d taken him up on his double (or was it triple?) dog dare, and now here they are, together under the same roof, as he treats them all to French fare and Edith Piaf.

She squeezes her thighs tight as she slowly consumes his quiche, until the lunch crowd has dissipated and they are finally alone in the bite-sized bistro.

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