A to Z Challenge: 2019 Theme Reveal!

It’s that time of the year again: the annual Blogging from A to Z April Challenge theme reveal.

Last year I wrote a series of posts on the topic of Online Dating from A to Z, which I am still planning on turning into a book.

My 2018 theme: Online Dating from A to Z

This year I’ve been thinking about a series of linked stories I started back in 2016. Since I had quite a few written, but never finished the full storyline, I’ve decided to start posting them on my blog in April. There will be one for each letter of the alphabet, so you’ll get to read a new flash fiction piece every day.

Although the original title for those pieces was “Mayday” (as I wrote them during the month of May), I’m recasting them as “April Foolishness.” The stories themselves are slightly off the wall, and follow a cast of characters involved in murder, mayhem and assorted crimes. I’d rate them somewhere between PG-13 and R, in terms of language and violence, but I aim not to be totally gratuitous and certainly shy away from anything too gory.

2019 Theme: April Foolishness!

Hopefully that hasn’t scared you off! But in case that doesn’t sound like quite your cup of tea, I’ll also be presenting the ABCs of Sacramento on my new blog, Exploring Sacramento. I moved to California’s state capital last summer, so I’m eager to share some of the sights from my new hometown with you. Those posts will all be rated G (or “E for Everybody!”), with no cursing or naughtiness (except, possibly, for the letter X, which often proves X-rated despite my best efforts).

2019 Encore Presentation: Sacramento from A to Z!

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  • JazzFeathers

    Wow!!! You mean you’ll be doing TWO challenges?
    I’m in awe. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to do one!
    Both sound very interesting. I’m quite curious about the stories. I always enjoy reading stories during the challenge.
    I’ll se you in April!

    • Laura Roberts

      Technically, yes, although all of the stories I’ll be posting on this blog are pieces that were written before the challenge began. I like to write something new in April, so the Sacramento posts will be new ones actually written that month. :D