Legitimately good erotica: Introducing Laure L’Amour

Yesterday Cosmopolitan decided to publish a very poorly researched list of “legitimately good erotic novels,” which inexplicably includes both Lolita and Judy Blume’s Forever. I can only assume these “classics” slipped past the editor because although everybody thinks that E.L. James invented erotica, it’s actually a thriving part of the romance genre that’s been around forever.

As someone who has read the book several times AND devoted an entire issue of her literary magazine to paying it homage, I am here to tell you that Lolita is decidedly NOT an erotic novel, despite its prurient content.

The “Lolita Issue” of Black Heart Magazine, on the other hand, is FULL OF EROTIC CONTENT.

To help set the record straight, I was inspired to set up a new Patreon page for my sultry alter ego, Laure L’Amour, who is writing high-quality smut for readers willing to pay.

Like a modern-day Anaïs Nin, Laure L’Amour trades words for cash, and has worked up quite a body of work in this genre. As such, we figured it’s high time that she does what she does best: (1) answer probing questions about sex (and anything else that comes to mind), and (2) write more smut for an eager audience.

To that end, Laure’s tiers include perks like answering naughty questions (the Curious Cat patrons will get to ask up to 3 questions per month, depending on how much they’re willing to pledge), as well as creating sexy new content for patrons of the boudoir arts (Quickie Creators and Double Trouble level patrons will receive one or two new stories, respectively, on a monthly basis). And, for the truly adventurous and well-endowed patron, there’s the Girlfriend Experience where one lucky reader will get to direct her characters in the bedroom as she writes them a one-of-a-kind erotic novella based on their preferences and proclivities.

I suspect most of Laure’s would-be readers will be interested in slipping past the velvet ropes at the $1 a month level, and we certainly won’t neglect these lucky guys and gals, since every dollar tucked into her G-string counts! Everyone who pledges at least one dollar a month will receive a coupon for a free copy of one of Laure’s Quickies – short erotic stories, available in my Smashwords store.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming one of Laure’s patrons, click on over to her Patreon page for full details and make your monthly pledge now.