One week of 7.85 miles/day

After an entire week of walking 7.85 miles a day I am feeling pretty good!

I was pretty wiped out on Saturday, as I had almost missed getting my steps in on Friday and had to do a marathon session to hit my goal before midnight. So then I did a bit of a “cheat day” on Saturday, and only got to 10,000 steps (4.3 miles) before I quit for the evening.

Which, of course, meant that I either had to make up the missing mileage on Sunday (11.67 miles in one day? EEK!) or spread it out over the remaining days left in the year.

Being a sensible person, I’ve opted for the latter. Which means that this week I need to walk at least 8.02 miles a day to reach my 1,500 mile goal for the year.

There are 8 days left in 2018 (including today!), so I think I can sustain this pace for a bit more than a week.

But once the clock hits midnight and we cross over into 2019, I am dropping my daily goals back down to a reasonable figure. 5 miles a day sounds extremely doable, and if I decide to stretch it out from there, it’ll all be gravy.

If I walk 5 miles each and every day in 2019, that means I will walk a total of 1,825 miles for the year!

I think that’s a very reasonable fitness goal, since it’s a little higher than my 10,000 steps per day goal (which nets me about 4.3 or 4.4 miles each day), without being so tiring and time consuming that I have no time for anything else in my life.

Plus, once I get into the 5 miles a day habit, it’s just a bit of a stretch to get to 2,000 miles in a year!

As an interesting thought experiment, I found that New York is 2,505 miles from Sacramento, so if I walked 2,505 miles in a year, I could essentially say I walked the distance from the west coast to the east coast!

It’s also 1,880 miles to Mexico City from Sacramento, so if I stretch my annual goal this year a bit, I could give myself a virtual “Walked to Mexico City” badge for my efforts.

I wonder what is 1,500 miles from Sacramento? According to this chart, Minneapolis is 1,514 miles from here, and Des Moines, Iowa is 1,486 miles away, so I guess… somewhere in a corn field in the Midwest?

Apparently I have already walked further than the distance between Sacramento, CA and Winnipeg, Manitoba (1,429 miles)!

I guess I will have to make myself a virtual “Walked to the Midwest” badge at the 1,500 mile mark, unless someone has a more exotic location they can pinpoint. Suggestions welcome!

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  • Lydia

    Nice job with (nearly) reaching your goals! I keep track of my step count, too. These small increases in it can make a big difference over time.