Clothes make the writer: What to wear when writing your next book

This post is part of the 52-Week Blog Challenge, hosted by the Marketing for Romance Writers Blog.

This week’s challenge is to consider What I Wear When I Write.

Writing is one of those gigs where you can work from home, and so frequently my uniform of choice is a t-shirt and PJ bottoms, freshly rolled from the bed and plunked in front of my desk.

But on certain occasions, something a little more upscale is called for.

Since I live in California, the need to dress “weather appropriately” is rare, but on the few days when the sunshine and mild weather turns cold and gloomy, I will indeed put on what I have dubbed my Thinking Cap: a warm, fuzzy hat that is both slouchy and great at trapping the heat near my noggin.

This is NOT what my hat looks like, but I love this wrinkly brain as a potential upgrade to my Thinking Cap!

When particularly stumped with a scene, I might put on one of my infamous writing t-shirts, such as a piece from the NaNoWriMo Collection:

The 2017 NaNoWriMo shirt, my current fave!

I’m also partial to Chuck Wendig’s foul-mouthed shirt, which I think was a limited edition item, and currently have my eye on this delightful typewriter shirt (inspired by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, over at the Litographs store):

In addition to writing shirts, I also have a few pairs of socks that feel particularly inspirational, such as my ninja socks:

Combining two of my interests, I’m not entirely sure why I don’t own a pair of THESE, to be honest:

Ninja cat socks!

In conclusion, clothes really do make the writer, and the more I can tie my writing and my wardrobe together, the better I tend to feel about whatever it is I’m writing. What about you?

What do you like to wear when writing?

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  • Glenda

    Don’t laugh but I write crime fiction and thrillers so I do most of my writing in Darlin’s (my hubby and technical advisor) police academy t-shirts. They are oversized and super-soft from years of wear. They help me feel connected to him, in particular, and law enforcement, in general.