Sunday Funday: An Odd Thing I Collect

I’ve been meaning to jump in on the 52-Week Blog Challenge, hosted by the Marketing for Romance Writers Blog, for… well, it feels like 52 weeks! But, thankfully, it’s only been 37 weeks. So, better late than never, and let’s get this party started already, shall we?

This week’s challenge topic is…

An Odd Thing I Collect

Probably the oddest things I collect are Buddha sculptures. Miniature, full sized, medium sized, cut from stone, molded from resin, or even carved from jade, I am big on the Buddha and his belly.

I’m not a Buddhist, so this collection is a little odd since it’s not religious in nature. I don’t have any shrines in my home, but I do have several Buddhas around for decorative purposes.

Here are a few of the specimens I’ve accumulated over the years (aided by my husband, who collected several Buddhas of his own before we met):

I don’t really know what draws me to collect Buddhas, but I guess there is something welcoming and calming – and also funny! – about his many incarnations, and that is a bit of a reflection of us all, no?

What’s something rather odd or unusual that YOU collect?