“Confessions” is BookWorks’ Book of the Week!

Good news, everyone: my book, Confessions of a 3-Day Novelist, has been named BookWorks’ Book of the Week!

I’m honored to be included in the fine company of so many other great independent authors. Thanks, BookWorks!

If you haven’t already grabbed a copy of this title, intrigued to learn more about the wild and crazy idea of writing a book in just 72 hours, here’s what it’s all about:

Want to finish writing your books faster?

Learn the tricks that bestselling authors use to succeed!

In 2011 author Laura Roberts wrote an entire book in just 72 hours, as part of the 3-Day Novel Contest. Upon completing the challenge successfully, she knew she’d found a great new way to write books quickly, and wanted to share her secrets with the world.

In this book you’ll learn:[author_list style=”star”]

  • How to write an entire book, from start to finish, in just three days;
  • How to outline your story to achieve success;
  • What you’ll need to write your book in just 72 hours;


Plus plenty of tricks and tips for writing faster, smarter, and harder!

Use the methods that bestselling authors have used to achieve their success. Learn how to finish your books quickly to get them delivered to readers and build your fan base.

What are you waiting for? Grab a copy and learn to start writing faster today.

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