July Buttontapper Challenge: Join me at Camp NaNoWriMo!

The Buttontapper Challenge is back! This month’s challenge is to complete a piece of your choice as part of Camp NaNoWriMo.

The brilliant thing about Camp NaNoWriMo, as opposed to the more “official” NaNoWriMo event in November, is that you get to set your own challenge. Just like going to summer camp as a kid – where you might end up at a YMCA day camp, a Girl Scout or Boy Scout sleep-away camp, or even band or orchestra camp – Camp NaNo comes in many different varieties. You can choose your own word count, and you can also mix it up by choosing to write in a different genre, whether that’s a nonfiction book, a series of essays, a short (or long) play or screenplay, short stories, or whatever you like.

The pressure of writing a 50,000-word novel is off, because it’s summertime when things are more laid back. So why not take a chance and try something new?

It’s July 2, and I’ve chosen to write at least 20,000 words towards my new Foreign Affairs novel, Kyoto Kink, this month. Since I’m in the middle of a big move (and I’m holding a Moving Sale, too!), I didn’t want to drive myself insane by trying to pack up my whole life, move to a new city, AND write an entire novel. Even so, 20K is still a pretty respectable chunk, so I need to get cracking if I want to win.

I’ll be keeping track of my own progress over in the Buttontapper Challenge Facebook Group (where I’ve already posted a funny story about yesterday’s adventure), and encouraging you to share your own successes, failures, questions, comments and favorite tunes to celebrate your milestones.

Camp is supposed to be fun, so that’s my aim for each of my daily posts. No difficult questions, and definitely no homework!

So, are you ready to add a little adventure to your summer? Then head over to the Facebook group and join us. Last one into the lake’s a rotten egg!