Foreign Affairs Friday: The big debut!

My newest book, Montreal Mischief, is now available from Liquid Silver Publishing!

I am currently reveling in the fact that I am listed on the site’s front page, under Newest Releases…

That’s me in the top slot. Bonjour!

What’s it all about?

Ryan and Jackie Murphy have come to Montreal for a wild weekend. The young Boston couple is ready to recharge their marriage after a tiring year building their own lifestyle business together. Now it’s time to play in the Sin City of the North, and they’re looking for kinks they can’t get back in Beantown.

Jackie loves Leonard Cohen, and wants to make a French connection with romance over fondue and chocolate croissants. Ryan’s looking for something a little more hardcore, like a trip to a strip club, a hot sweat in a swinger’s club sauna, and maybe even a bit of ménage.

Will they be able to reach a compromise amongst all the naughty options in Montreal’s Underground City, or will this romantic weekend away turn out to be a disaster?

A quickie for the road…

And here’s a brief excerpt to get you hot and bothered…

“Hey, why don’t you get out the guidebook?” Ryan suggests. “We’re only an hour away. Let’s figure out what we want to do after we check in to the hotel.”

“Good idea,” Jackie says, poking around in the glove compartment for the book she’d seen Ryan stash there earlier in the day.

“Naked Montreal: A Guide to the Sexy Side of the City?” she says, reading the book’s title. “Wow, you really do have something special planned for this weekend.”

“I told you we needed a change of pace. Did you know they call Montreal the Sin City of the North?”

“Meaning what? Gambling and strippers?” Jackie wrinkles her nose at the thought. She’s never been a fan of Las Vegas.

“Strippers, yes. And all kinds of naughty distractions.” Ryan wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

“Gross. I’m not going to any strip clubs with you. This was supposed to be a second honeymoon, not a second bachelor party.” Jackie swats him on the arm.

“Okay, okay! I’m just kidding. There’s plenty of other stuff to try. They’ve got sex shops…”


“Swingers clubs…”

“Double ew.”

“French lingerie?”

“Now you’re talking.” Jackie conjures visions of the bra and panty sets she’s been eyeing in the Victoria’s Secret catalogue. “Lots of lace?”

Ready for a little Mischief?

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