Online Dating from A to Z: A brief wrap-up

The annual A to Z Challenge has ended, and once again I’ve made it through the alphabet, hooray! That makes 7 years in a row!

In case you missed any of my Online Dating posts, you can find them all (in alphabetical order) right here.

Some thoughts on this year’s challenge:

  1. I liked not having the Linky List this year, and instead going through the Google Docs for each letter to find new posts. I think it was helpful to be able to be able to see, at a glance, which participants were writing on which subjects, which let me steer to the topics that most interested me.
  2. The only downside with the Google Docs was that they sometimes closed before I had a chance to add my post for the day. It would definitely be nice if each day’s document were left open until the end of the challenge, if possible.
  3. As with many A to Z Challenges, I did get behind on hopping to other blogs and commenting! Things always get hectic, somewhere towards the middle of the month, and then my participation levels dropped off. But I’m looking forward to the upcoming Road Trip on May 23rd to catch up on all the blogs I enjoyed.
  4. It would be great to see more authors on Twitter! I usually make a public list of all the authors participating in the challenge whose Twitter handles I can find, and it looks like there were 56 people on my list for 2018. Here’s the link, in case you are curious. (And feel free to message me if you’re on Twitter but haven’t made it onto the list – I’d be happy to add you!)
  5. Overall, I enjoyed participating in this year’s challenge. I’m already thinking about my topic for next April, and I’ve continued the A to Z theme into May with my own writing challenge (see below for details), since I was so inspired!

Want more?

And finally, if you need ANOTHER challenge to keep you on your toes, be sure to check out my monthly Buttontapper Challenge. I choose a new theme each month, and post daily prompts for you to jump in whenever the mood strikes. This month’s theme is “Oh, the Places We’ll Go!” with new daily destinations and travel-themed prompts for the month of May. I’ll be posting my F blog shortly, so feel free to join in any time!

One Comment

  • Stephanie

    Stopping by on the Roadtrip and pretty sure I read most of your posts. Being a mother of 2 grown young women, I found your information great for this curious momma. Lots has changed with all the social media since my dating years but the common sense still prevails. yay!
    Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer!
    PS. I love the list idea for Twitter. I need to make one next Challenge.