Online Dating from A to Z: Vices and Virtues

Welcome to the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. This month I’ll be working my way through the alphabet, one day at a time, on the subject of Online Dating. If you’ve never visited my blog before, I’m happy you’re here! Be sure to check out my previous A to Z Challenge posts and the books that were inspired by them for more alphabetical fun.

V is for….

Have you noticed that there are quite the preponderance of negative V words out there? Here are just a few of the V words that made a list of 100 words you’ll find on the SAT…

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  • Vague
  • Vain
  • Vapid
  • Vaunt (to boast about or praise something excessively)
  • Vegetate
  • Venal
  • Vendetta
  • Verbose
  • Vertigo
  • Veto
  • Vex


It’s enough to make you want to vomit!

Thankfully, I found a number of positive V words on the same list. Here are a few I considered as the focus for today’s post:

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  • Valiant (courageous when facing danger)
  • Vanguard (a creative group active in the innovation of new concepts)
  • Variables
  • Venerable
  • Venturesome (disposed to take risks – some might say this is actually a negative word)
  • Venue
  • Verify
  • Versatile
  • Verve
  • Visage (the human face)
  • Vulnerable


Ultimately, however, I decided to talk a bit about Vices and Virtues. Because what’s more interesting than digging up dirt on your potential partners? Oh, right: finding out about some of their awesome qualities!

Sometimes online dating can make you feel a bit like a detective hunting for clues to your potential date’s true personality. Are they really animal lovers, or are they just saying that because you said you own a pet? Do you really have the same taste in music, or have they just Googled the song lyrics you posted in your profile? Who the heck are these people, anyway, and how can you figure out whether they’re telling the truth?!

The virtue of game-play

Photo by Daniel Monteiro on Unsplash

An interesting way to try to unravel the mystery is to challenge them to a game of “Two Truths and a Lie.” Ask them to give you three statements about themselves, with two being true and one being false. Then you get to guess which is which.

Ask your would-be dates to give you some of their vices and virtues in the game, which is best played face-to-face so that you can observe their expressions as well as the tone of their voice for clues.

Just remember to come prepared with some truths and a lie of your own!

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