Online Dating from A to Z: NO!

Welcome to the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. This month I’ll be working my way through the alphabet, one day at a time, on the subject of Online Dating. If you’ve never visited my blog before, I’m happy you’re here! Be sure to check out my previous A to Z Challenge posts and the books that were inspired by them for more alphabetical fun.

N is for NO!

Although it’s one of the shortest words in the English language, the word “no” is incredibly powerful.

Not to be negative, but sometimes a good, solid NO is necessary when it comes to online dating. While I generally encourage people to say YES to as many dates as possible, including the folks that may not seem to fit your dating criteria upon first glance, there are also a few times when you should definitely just say no.

Some examples:

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  • Your would-be date has contradicted themselves multiple times in the same conversation
  • You’re getting a really bad vibe from your would-be date
  • Your would-be date is suggesting a meetup in a very personal setting, like their home or a hotel room
  • Your would-be date suggests doing anything illegal
  • Your would-be date makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason, or tries to goad you into doing something you definitely don’t want to do


In all cases, it’s better to walk away. I’ve gone on plenty of bad dates, after ignoring the red flags, and it’s just not worth it.

To paraphrase a Jeff Buckley song, it’s always better to go on a date out of desire, not desperation!

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