Lisa Jacobs’ “New Year for a New You” Review: Days 6 & 7

As 2018 kicks off, I’m in full “Year in Review” mode. So it’s perfect timing for me to participate in Days 6 & 7 of Lisa Jacobs’ New Year for a New You annual review!

Here are my responses to both Day 6 and 7’s prompts (and, if you’re curious, you can also read my responses to the Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5 prompts):

Day 6’s task was to create a Project Map.

Here’s mine…

Day 7’s task was to Create Goals in All 5 Pillars (relational, spiritual, mental, physical, and financial).

Which I did with my “18 Goals for 2018” post!

Note that I never publish my spiritual or my financial goals online, so those do not appear in my list. Instead, I have a list of Educational, Career, Health & Fitness, and Personal goal categories.

What about you?

What are YOUR goals for 2018, and how will you arrange your Project Maps to accomplish them?

Be sure to check out Lisa’s posts for more info on the New Year for a New You annual review, and share some of your “aha moments” in the comments below!