18 Goals for 2018

Instead of a Top 10 List for today’s “Top 10 Tuesday” post, I’ve got 8 additional items on my list. That’s right: it’s time for my “18 in 2018” goals!

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Here are my 18 goals for 2018:


  1. Read 1 nonfiction book per month
  2. Read 1 children’s book per week
  3. Finish my SCBWI class with a manuscript I can start pitching


  1. Publish 3 issues of Black Heart
  2. Create 12 “Buttontapper Challenge” ideas and post daily on social media
  3. Create a class around my existing ebooks
  4. Travel to Chicago to add material to Chicago from A to Z
  5. Land an agent
  6. Secure a book deal


  1. Walk 10,000 steps and work up to 5 miles every day
  2. Cut out alcohol to improve my health
  3. Do another 5K Walk/Write weekend
  4. Run a 5K with Jenna


  1. Move into a new home that better suits my family’s needs
  2. Take a train trip to LA
  3. Book and enjoy a 10th anniversary getaway with my husband
  4. Practice the Miracle Morning routine every day
  5. Track the things I want to change each month

What about you?

What are YOUR 18 goals for 2018?

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