Lisa Jacobs’ “New Year for a New You” Review: Day 4

As 2017 winds down, I’m in full “Year in Review” mode. So it’s perfect timing for me to participate in Day 4 of Lisa Jacobs’ New Year for a New You annual review!

Here are my responses to today’s prompts (and, if you’re curious, you can also read my responses to the Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 prompts):

What would you do in 2018 if you knew you could not fail?

Pack up my husband, cats and our most essential belongings and move to Chicago, where we would ultimately buy a house and stop moving hither and yon and set down roots. That might sound like a modest goal, but it’s actually the foundation for a lot of things that are missing from my life right now.

What are some things you could be doing that you’ve been too afraid to try? How can you stretch your comfort zone?

I’m definitely afraid to try video blogging. This is something I’d like to try in 2018, but I’m still thinking about what kinds of content I could offer.

What have you been struggling with for entirely too long?

Financial instability.

What could you outsource, delegate, automate, and/or stop doing in 2018?

Blogging, social media updates.

In what ways and which areas will you “upgrade” your life?

My career/financial life definitely needs an upgrade.

What about you?

What would YOU do in 2018 if you knew you could not fail?

Be sure to check out Lisa’s post for more info on the New Year for a New You annual review, and share some of your highlights in the comments below!