Buttontapper Challenge, January 2018: New Year, New You!

After following Boho Berry’s awesome monthly challenges for almost a year, I’ve decided to launch my own writing challenge. It’s called, quite simply, the Buttontapper Challenge, and it’s something you can participate in daily or whenever the mood strikes you.

So, what’s this all about?

About the Challenge

The Buttontapper Challenge is a writing challenge with a new theme each month. We’ll follow a set of prompts and write about them each day, sharing snippets on social media using the hashtag #ButtontapperChallenge.

January’s Theme: New Year, New You!

As January looms on the horizon, I’ve been getting ready to start my new year off right. I’ve been planning and goal-setting for 2018, using my 18 Before 2018 list, Lisa Jacobs’ Your Best Year workbook, and the December Boho Berry Challenge prompts. Now I’m ready to share my New Year’s planning process with you.

I’ve divided the list up into prompts that will help you think about both the past year AND the year to come, with forays into various planning and goal-setting tools, tricks and ideas I’ve picked up along the way. I can’t wait to see your responses to these prompts!

The challenge prompts are completely open to interpretation, but I’ve written up a “behind-the-scenes” explanation for why I chose each one, and what I’ll be writing about that day, to give you some ideas about what to write in case you find yourself stuck.

1. Introductions – Introduce yourself! Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you decide to join the challenge.
2. New Year’s Resolutions? – Do you or don’t you? Why or why not?
3. This Year’s Plans – What have you got planned for 2018? Show us some pictures of your planner!
4. Big Dreams – What are you dreaming about doing this year? Tell us about something you’ve been obsessed with, or that you’re just beginning to visualize.
5. Audacious Goals – Let’s make some goals! Let’s make them SMART and BIG!
6. Start Doing – What are some things you want to start doing this year?
7. STOP Doing – What are some of the things you want to STOP doing this year, and just let go?
8. Monthly Challenges – Do you participate in any other monthly challenges? Which ones, and why (or why not)?
9. Motivation – Where do you find your motivation on days when it’s hard to keep pressing on?
10. Tools – What kinds of tools do you use to help with your self-improvement goals?
11. Digital or Analog? – Are you more into digital or analog systems for keeping up with everything in your life? Why?
12. Coaches – Who are some of the people who have coached you to success along the way?
13. Mentors – Do you have any past (or present) mentors? Tell us a little bit about them!
14. Accountability – Let’s get accountable: share your goals for this week!
15. Halfway! – We’re halfway through the month already?! What have you accomplished so far, and what do you need help to complete?
16. Partners – The buddy system worked in grade school, so why not now? Who’s your buddy for accountability, inspiration, or motivation?
17. Pep Talk – Give yourself a quick pep talk. You got this!
18. Inspiration – Where do you turn for inspiration? Share some images or ideas that get your motor running.
19. Perspiration – If genius is 10% inspiration, we’re gonna need to know more about that 90% perspiration. What are you working on right now, and how much are you sweating over it?
20. Notable Quotable – Share a quote that inspires you!
22. Trackers & Loggers – Do you use any trackers or loggers to chart your progress? Show us a picture or link to your favorites.
22. Time Wasters – What kinds of things do you end up doing when you’re procrastinating? What types of activities tend to waste your time the most?
23. Time Well Spent – What have you been working on this month that you’d consider time well spent?
24. Money Well Spent – Sometimes we just have to pony up the cash to get something we want. What has been money well spent this month, with regard to your dreams and goals?
25. Money Wasted – Sadly, some things are just not worth the money. What have you discovered to be a waste of money, regarding your dreams and goals?
26. Tricks & Tips – Got any secret tips or hot tricks to share with the group? Tell us how you’ve been successful this month!
27. A Better Me Means… – What are you trying to improve about yourself or your life? What would it look like to be “better than before”?
28. Rewards – Sometimes there’s nothing more motivating than a great reward. How do you reward yourself for hitting your goals?
29. Rethinking – What kinds of things have you been rethinking this month? Is there anything that’s turned out differently than you expected?
30. Recycling – What kinds of behaviors do you tend to recycle or repeat, again and again? Are they healthy habits or just distractions? Why do you keep on doing these things?
31. Lessons Learned – Tell us what you learned this month, from examining your goals, dreams and behavior. What will you do differently next month?

So, are you ready for a challenge?

Join me on January 1st @LauraRobertsBooks on Instagram or in my Buttontapper Challenge Facebook Group for the very first day of my new challenge – and spread the word!


  • Sandra Yeaman

    I love this idea. I need to get back into writing every day and having a prompt plus accountability should do the trick.

    I also wanted to thank you for introducing the A to Z challenge to me in 2015. My posts that April were all about the countries and cities I’ve lived in or traveled (or wanted to travel) to, including “E is for Eritrea.” And last week one of the boys in the Team I mentioned in that post found me through it. He was 12 in 2004 and just turned 27 last week. What a joy it has been to reconnect with one of the boys. All because of the A to Z challenge.