Dewey’s 2018 Nonfiction Reading Challenge

Like reading? Want to join a reading challenge and prove it?

As I’m busy setting up my goals for 2018 (I’ll be posting an “18 for 2018” list of my big goals by the end of this year), I saw Dewey’s 2018 Nonfiction Reading Challenge and decided to add it to my list. With flexible goals that you can set for yourself, this one is perfect for my ever-changing interests.

So, what’s my nonfiction reading goal for next year?

I aim to read at least 12 nonfiction books next year (and will undoubtedly read more, depending on my research goals), one for each month of the year, and each on a different subject. I like Dewey’s suggestion of reading one book for each century in the Dewey Decimal system, so I may adopt that challenge to start. I also definitely want to read my own shelves since I have quite a few nonfiction titles in my To Be Read pile that need to get pulled to the front of the list.

EDIT 12/31: I’ve joined the Classy Career Girl Book Club for 2018, so at least some of my nonfiction titles will be reading for each month’s discussion! If you’re looking for a book club to join, and want to focus on career and personal development, I’d recommend joining this free group. Here’s a link to the list of titles we’ll be reading this year.

What do you plan to read in 2018, and have you got any nonfiction titles on your list? Sign up to join Dewey’s 2018 Nonfiction Reading Challenge by January 15th, and let’s read nonfiction together!

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