Character Hobbies: #Preptober, Day 10

Let’s talk about hobbies. Not yours, your character’s!

My character usually have really weird hobbies, because they’re often things that sound interesting to me, but that I could never devote that much time to studying or training for in my real life. They’re a chance for me to put my strange obsessions to good use, or to delve deeper into curiosities I’ve had for a while but never really explored.

Ara, my ninja-in-training, loves to do all kinds of outdoorsy stuff. She’s actually my complete opposite. She likes to run, swim, and (of course) fight with swords.

One thing we do have in common is an interest in martial arts. I used to take tae kwon do classes, and she’s mastered several different styles already.

Unlike me, though, Ara doesn’t train for a colorful belt in a dojo. She uses this training in real life. Or, she hopes to… one day…

For now, she and her parents spar in the forest, and talk about the possibilities for her as a fully-trained ninja.

What kinds of hobbies do your characters have, and what do they add to the story? Do they have a secret or forbidden hobby that suddenly comes in handy? Think about how hobbies can save the day, or become dangerous obsessions, and tell us more!

Want to prep with me?

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See you tomorrow with a new prompt!