Character Job: #Preptober, Day 7

It’s day 7 of Preptober, and high time your character got a JOB!

Or maybe not? My MC, for instance, is a ninja. That could be considered a job, I suppose. But she’s only 13, so technically it’s more of a way of life.

Her parents are both ninja as well. (And please note: The plural of ninja IS ninja!) They’ve been teaching her all sorts of crazy stuff that most normal kids don’t learn in school. Like how to hide in plain sight, disappear in a smoke bomb, and fight with swords.

Most kids her age are students. And, technically, she’s still an apprentice or would-be ninja. So she’s a student, too.

Teachers and students are frequently the main characters in middle grade stories, like the one I’m writing. If you’re writing middle grade or YA fiction, this is a pretty easy day for you!

If you happen to be writing a story aimed at an adult audience, you’ll want to make sure your characters have interesting – but believable – jobs. After all, there’s quite the annoying cliché in literary novels to focus on, yawn, MCs who are writers.

Don’t fall into that trap!

Need more ideas for some interesting jobs? Check out my other blog, World’s Coolest Jobs, for some wonderful, weird and decidedly unique options.

Want to prep with me?

Fill in the same info for one of YOUR main characters, post it on your blog, and be sure to use the hashtag #Preptober on social media so we can find each other.

Don’t forget to grab a free copy of my Preptober Prompts Printable, which you can print out for personal use.

See you tomorrow with a new prompt!