Character Tools: #Preptober, Day 5

Let’s talk about tools. Equipment. Maybe even weapons.

What kinds of stuff does your character carry around on a daily basis? Think about Harriet the Spy: she’s got a whole mess of spy gear, all clamped onto a belt. She carries her notebook and a pen, obviously, along with a flashlight, a yo-yo (to make adults think she’s just playing, and not spying on them), and a special outfit she wears on her adventures.

My MC, Ara, is a ninja. She wears dark clothing, special shoes, a bandana over her face, and a hood to conceal her hair. She’s also got lots of gear:

[author_list style=”star”]

  • Throwing stars (shuriken)
  • Knives
  • Short sword
  • Smoke bombs
  • Explosives
  • Matches
  • Rope
  • Cord


And maybe even a little duct tape. Hey, this is the 21st century!

If your characters are real people in the real world, they may not have any use for weapons. Or you may want them to have to use whatever comes in handy, like a frying pan or a shovel.

You may want them to have certain objects, like a lucky charm or a backpack full of food. Maybe they carry a notebook with them at all times. Maybe they’ve just got their wallet and a broken shoelace.

Give your characters some of the things they need. And then, make ’em suffer with the stuff they need but don’t have.

Want to prep with me?

Fill in the same info for one of YOUR main characters, post it on your blog, and be sure to use the hashtag #Preptober on social media so we can find each other.

Don’t forget to grab a free copy of my Preptober Prompts Printable, which you can print out for personal use.

See you tomorrow with a new prompt!