Starting a new project – and I need your help!

So, I started writing haiku about random celebrities a while back, just for fun. I included a few of them in my mini book, Haiku For Haters, like the one about Prince declaring the Internet “over.” (Which, by the way, I still find hilarious.)

Mostly these poems are tiny snapshots of a celebrity moment – whether it’s recorded on film, described in a book or article about them, or viewed in a photograph.

Since haiku are traditionally about nature and not people, these are technically senryu. But since no one knows what senryu are, I keep referring to them as haiku.

Anyway, as a result of this rather random exercise, I’ve decided to start a new project. It’s called, quite fittingly, CELEBRITY HAIKU.

I plan to write two celebrity haiku per day, for the next two months, and then publish those 60-some poems in a collection.

I have already written poems about:

[author_list style=”heart”]

  • Hedy Lamarr
  • Vincent Price
  • Charlie Murphy (RIP)
  • Beverly Cleary (congrats on turning 101!)
  • Prince
  • Brad Pitt
  • Aziz Ansari
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Chairman Mao (although I’m not sure one would technically consider him a celebrity…)


I’m currently brainstorming ideas for the title of this book (the series title will be “Celebrity Haiku”), and debating whether I should choose a theme for which celebrities to include in this volume (i.e. actors, artists, musicians, writers, or just any celebs that strike my fancy?).

I also made a placeholder cover for the book, featuring two (as far as I know) non-celebrities that I plan to swap out when I come up with a better stock photo:

But… I need your help

Right now, what I’m looking for are suggestions. I’ve got my own list of celebrities that seem poem-worthy, but what kinds of celebrities would YOU like to read about?

Feel free to submit your recommendations in the comments. Or you can email them to me, if you have a huge list, via my contact form.

If I use any of the celebrities you’ve mentioned in my book, I’ll send you a free copy of the ebook!

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to reading your recommendations.