Looking Ahead: Week 3 accountability check-in

It’s the end of the third week of 2017, and it’s time for another round of writing accountability. Let’s begin!

Word Counts for 1/14 – 1/20

January 14: 2,148

January 15: 1,055

January 16: 2,047

January 17: 1,420

January 18: 800

January 19: 0

January 20: 380

Weekly Total: 7,850 words

Compared to the previous week’s total of 6,391, I’m doing better with my word count this week (despite another zero, nyargh!). It looks like I’m losing momentum towards the end of my weeks, so I need to start actively scheduling writing time on Thursdays and Fridays to make sure I stay on top of my writing goals.

Weekly Goals

Set: Finish up my edits for Digital Media for Monday, send in an outline for Careers if You Like Music by Friday, write my third #52essays2017 essay, meet up with my Accountabilibuddies on Friday for more coffee and goal-setting.

Met: Finished both my edits and my outline, woohoo! And, of course, met up with my Accountabilibuddies on Friday. Well, one of them, anyway. It was pouring rain, so understandably it was not a day that made folks want to go outside!

Missed: I still need to write my third essay. I had wanted to wait until after the big to-do in Washington this week, but honestly there is nothing I want to write about that. The fact that a fascist is now President of the United States is sickening to me, and I still don’t have the words to express much more than that. Besides, plenty of other people who are much better at that sort of writing than I am have already weighed in. So I will probably just stick with the music essay I started, because at least we can all agree that music is important in trying times… right?

Goals for Next Week

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  • Finish essay #3
  • Write essay #4
  • Start research for Careers if You Like Music
  • Write blog post about Christina Alexandra’s presentation to the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild meeting (Monday night)


What About You?

Got any goals for next week? Have you been tracking your words this year? Need some friendly advice or encouragement? Post your deepest, darkest fears – or just your goals – in the comments section!