Confronting Zero: Accountability check-in #2017goals

It’s the end of the second week of 2017, and it’s time for another round of writing accountability. Let’s begin!

Word Counts for 1/7 – 1/13

January 7: 1,367

January 8: 810

January 9: 1,325

January 10: 1,279

January 11: 790

January 12: 820

January 13: 0

Weekly Total: 6,391 words

Compared to last week’s 8,894 words, this week hasn’t been nearly as productive. And I had my first zero of the year on Friday the 13th, which I guess is sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy, since I’m a teensy bit superstitious. It was also a full moon, none of which really excuses my lack of writing yesterday. Indeed, I chalk this zero up more to the fact that:

a) I didn’t do my writing first thing in the morning, as I usually like to, and

b) I was running a bunch of errands and didn’t even get to eat lunch until 4 PM.

So yeah, things were a little ridiculously hectic. I should’ve been writing after I got home, but I got sidetracked by various other things, and thus ended up with a big old zero to close out the week.

photo credit: leola642, "November Moon" via photopin
“November Moon” photo by Flickr user Donald Kautz

Weekly Goals

Set: Finish edits on Careers in Digital Media by Friday the 13th, write my second #52essays2017 and share it with the Facebook group, rewrite my “P is for Pop Songs” post so I can publish it this week, write a “First Lines Friday” post, post a check-in image in the Accountability Group and see how my Accountabilibuddies are doing.

Met: Wrote my second essay (“Notes from 20 years of life online“) and shared it with the group, wrote and posted my First Lines Friday piece (on Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime), and I’m off to post my check-in image as soon as I finish this blog!

Missed: Missed my deadline for edits, as this week was particularly crazy, and didn’t get a chance to rewrite my “P is for Pop Songs” post.

Goals for Next Week

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  • Finish up my edits for Digital Media for Monday
  • Send in an outline for Careers if You Like Music by Friday
  • Write my third #52essays2017 essay
  • Meet up with my Accountabilibuddies on Friday for more coffee and goal-setting


What About You?

Got any goals for next week? Have you been tracking your words this year? Need some friendly advice or encouragement? Post your deepest, darkest fears – or just your goals – in the comments section!