Let’s get accountable! #2017goals

It’s the end of the first week of 2017, and I think that a good way to stick with my writing goals for the year is by posting a short accountability post every Saturday morning. In these posts, I’ll be reviewing my word counts for the week, my goals set and met or missed, and posting new goals for the week to come. This is one of the exercises I’m trying to get my local Writing Accountability Group to participate in as well, so feel free to play along at home by posting YOUR goals and word counts for the week in the comments section. Let’s begin!

Word Counts for 1/1 – 1/6

January 1: 1,589

January 2: 1,583

January 3: 3,132

January 4: 800

January 5: 905

January 6: 885

Weekly Total: 8,894 words – averaging it out, this is a nice start to my plan to write 1,000 words per day this year.

Weekly Goals

Set: Finish writing and assembling the SDW/EG January newsletter and send to printer, write my first essay for the #52essays2017 challenge, work on edits for Careers in Digital Media, write and publish a new “P is for Pop Songs” post, hold first Accountability Group meeting of the year.

Met: Completed the SDW/EG newsletter and sent it in early (woohoo!), wrote and posted my first essay, made some progress on edits, hosted the first Accountability Group meeting (although we somehow managed to miss one of our members in the café, doh!).

Missed: I did finish writing a “P is for Pop Songs” post, but have held it back for personal reasons.

Goals for Next Week

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  • Finish edits on Careers in Digital Media by Friday the 13th
  • Write my second #52essays2017 essay and share it with the Facebook group
  • Rewrite my “P is for Pop Songs” post so that I can actually publish it on my blog this week
  • Write a “First Lines Friday” post for my blog
  • Post a check-in image in the Accountability Group, to see how my fellow Accountabilibuddies are doing


What About You?

Got any goals for next week? Have you been tracking your words this year? Need some friendly advice or encouragement? Post your deepest, darkest fears – or just your goals – in the comments section!