Halfway through #NaNoWriMo, week 46

I haven’t done a 365K Club update in a while, and it’s that time of the week again, so let’s do this for the month of November thus far! Numbers, please…

November 1, Day 306: 1,777 words

November 2, Day 307: 765 words

November 3, Day 308: 2,435 words

November 4, Day 309: 888 words

TOTAL, WEEK 44: 8,390 words

November 5, Day 310: 1,176 words

November 6, Day 311: 810 words

November 7, Day 312: 2,066 words

November 8, Day 313: 1,326 words

November 9, Day 314: 775 words

November 10, Day 315: 835 words

November 11, Day 316: 875 words

TOTAL, WEEK 45: 7,863 words

November 12, Day 317: 2,925 words

November 13, Day 318: 2,041 words

November 14, Day 319: 815 words

November 15, Day 320: 775 words

November 16, Day 321: 820 words

November 17, Day 322: 790 words

November 18, Day 323: 371 words

That’s a grand total of 8,537 words for the week, 22,265 for the month of November, and 270,296 for the year!

Did I beat last week’s total?

Last week I wrote 7,863 words, which means I beat that total by 674 words.


No badges this week. But here are a few that I received in October, and never got a chance to write up! Here are my October Bullseye, Sea Tourist (for writing every day for 6 months), and my 5K Walk/Run/Write Winner badges:

Goals for next week?

This week I am working on my second book for ReferencePoint Press, entitled Careers in Digital Media. It will, as the title suggests, include information about a variety of jobs in the digital media sphere, including Freelance Writer. My goal is to hit my deadline (which is November 28th), so I’m plugging away this weekend with a few more chapters left to go. This is the project I’ve actually been tracking for NaNoWriMo this year, so I haven’t gotten to the halfway mark this year. But that’s okay, since my goal isn’t to hit 50K; it’s to “win” by finishing this book and moving onto the next one!

How’s your NaNoWriMo project coming along?

Let me know in the comments – I hope you’re doing great!