Letter Writer Extraordinaire: writing goals, week 33

It’s that time of the week again: time for another 365K Club word count check-in! Numbers, please…

August 13, Day 226: 276 words

August 14, Day 227: 860 words

August 15, Day 228: 860 words

August 16, Day 229: 805 words

August 17, Day 230: 790 words

August 18, Day 231: 820 words

August 19, Day 232: 900 words

That’s a grand total of 5,311 words for the week, 17,081 for the month of August, and 167,846 for the year!

Did I beat last week’s total?

Last week I wrote 7,313 words, which means I missed beating that total by 2,003 words. Gotta catch up next week!


No official 365K Club badges this week, although if I gave myself a badge it would be for Letter Writing.

I participated in this year’s TwainFest Letter Writing Booth, as a volunteer with San Diego Writers, Ink. The idea was that kids (or adults) could write a letter, and have it “mailed” to the letter writers, who were hanging out in one of Old Town’s museums. We’d read the letters and reply back in about 15 minutes.

We got some really interesting and funny letters from participants, including one from a kid who had walked into a sign and then directed his correspondence to the sign itself!

I wish I had taken pictures of some of the letters, as they were all really unique. It was also fun (and sometimes challenging) trying to decipher different people’s handwriting.


Goals for next week?

My critique group meets this coming Saturday, so I need to dig up something for the group to pick apart. And there’s a meeting of the San Diego Writers & Editors Guild on Monday night, which is focusing on marketing on a shoestring, so I definitely need to attend that one and take notes. I also recently pitched a couple of workshop ideas to the SDSU Writers’ Conference, so I am waiting to hear back from them. And, finally, I’m finishing up edits on my Careers in Video Games book, so it should be a busy week!

What are you working on this week?