Best Day Ever!: Writing goals, week 25

It’s that time of the week again: time for another 365K Club word count check-in! Numbers, please…

June 18, Day 170: 463 words

June 19, Day 171: 1,626 words

June 20, Day 172: 1,205 words

June 21, Day 173: 323 words

June 22, Day 174: 323 words

June 23, Day 175: 323 words

June 24, Day 176: 417 words

That’s a grand total of 4,680 words for the week, 12,802 for the month, and 100,060 for the year!

*Dudes, I was only 89 words away from my YEARLY goal of 100,000 when I started writing this post. Okay, I am a rambling buffoon, but damned if I’m going to be docked my 100K word count this week by a mere 89 words. So, yes, I wrote additional words in this very post in order to meet my 100K goal. Crass? Crazy? Cheating? A Jedi needs not such judgments. (Nor does a ninja. See this week’s post for details.)

Yes, I decided I was going to write an additional 89 words in this post in order to hit my yearly goal in June. Because that’s how I roll. And because waiting until next week just wouldn’t do.

Have I mentioned I am a rather impatient and goal-oriented writer? Because I am. And if I didn’t hit 100K this week, things just might start to go askew in my universe. Indeed, the pirates might have become ninjas, and the ninjas might have become pirates! We couldn’t have that, could we?

Did I beat last week’s total?

Last week I wrote 2,973 words. For a change of pace, I blasted that total out of the water this week, by 1,707 words, woohoo!


This week I received the “Best Day Ever” badge for describing an ordinary day in the life of my MC, Venus Delmar.


Goals for next week?

I met my goal last week of finishing up my sample chapter, but this weekend I need to edit that chapter in order to finish it off and obtain a contract. So, I’ll be working on that this weekend, followed by additions to my Chicago from A to Z book and the final chapters of my Mayday book project this week!

In other news…


This week is the final week to sign up for my mailing list, in order to have a shot at winning a $25 Amazon gift card in my June drawing! So, if you haven’t already, sign up now for your chance to win.