DISARM: writing goals, week 24

It’s that time of the week again: time for another 365K Club word count check-in! Numbers, please…

June 11, Day 163: 89 words

June 12, Day 164: 477 words

June 13, Day 165: 530 words

June 14, Day 166: 346 words

June 15, Day 167: 478 words

June 16, Day 168: 607 words

June 17, Day 169: 446 words

That’s a grand total of 2,973 words for the week, 7,869 for the month, and 95,371 for the year!

Did I beat last week’s total?

Last week I wrote 3,509 words, so with this week’s low numbers (I mean, 89?!) I didn’t hit my goal of breaking that total. The 89, by the way, was a poem.


This week I won the “Odd Character Trait” badge, for revealing that my MC Venus Delmar, has the superhuman ability to run in stilettos on cobblestones.


Goals for next week?

One of my big goals for next week is to finish a sample chapter I’ve been working on for a work-for-hire project. I need to get it done so that I can (hopefully) get a contract from the publisher, and then get started on the rest of the book. So, that’s one reason my word counts have been low this week: research!

There’s also been another good reason for my slowed productivity…

In other news…

This past Sunday I wrote a blog post about the Orlando Pulse nightclub shootings, urging my readers to contact their representatives and tell them that enough is enough. Thankfully, it seems that many people did, and the Democrats staged a 15-hour filibuster on Wednesday, which ultimately ended in them earning the right for Congress to actually vote on a bill that will tighten gun laws in the U.S.

If this sounds slightly crazy to you – because it is already each representative’s JOB to vote on every bill that comes through Congress – then believe me, we’re on the same page. Filibustering for the right to do your job? The world has truly gone mad.

But, it’s also a small victory in the fight against gun violence. And it’s something I was excited to see, because I’ve decided to put together an anthology in support of this anti-violence movement. It’s going to be called DISARM, inspired by the following Kurt Vonnegut quote:


I’ve already had one person unsubscribe from my mailing list because I’ve chosen to take this stand. And frankly, good riddance to them. Because if you honestly believe that any machine is worth more than a human life, I have nothing more to say to you.

If, however, you’d like to learn more about this anthology, including details on what kinds of submissions we’re looking for and where to send them, please see my post at Black Heart Magazine.