First Lines Friday: Beautiful Losers

Inspired by my fellow 10 Minute Novelist, Sara Marschand, who asked the group if we had any favorite first lines from a novel, I’ve decided to feature some of my favorites every Friday. In graphic form!

Because… why not?

My favorite novel’s first line is: “Catherine Tekakwitha, who are you?”

BeautifulLosersIt’s from Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen.

It may not be the most beautiful line in the novel, but it does get your mind wandering, doesn’t it?

Here’s my favorite exchange from the book:

Hear is not the right word. I became a telephone. Edith was the electrical conversation that went through me.
—Well, what was it, what was it?
—Ordinary eternal machinery.
—Ordinary eternal machinery.
—Is that all you are going to say?
—Ordinary eternal machinery like the grinding of the stars.
—That’s better.
—That was a distortion of the truth which, I see, suits you very well. I distorted the truth to make it easier for you. The truth is: ordinary eternal machinery.

If you still need more incentive to read this book, you should know that it contains a sentient vibrator that rebels against its master. How’s that for challenging literature?

It was also the first voted off the “Canada Reads” island in 2005.

And the damn thing turns 50 this year!

Read it. It’ll knock your block off.

What’s YOUR favorite first line?

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